Institution Details

Former Name
Certificate Registration No.01-2008-00186
License Underwriters of Securities Engaged in Dealing Government Securities (US-GSED)
Transfer Agent (TA)
Last Annual Fee PaymentNov. 26, 2018 (US-GSED license)
Nov. 01, 2018 (TA license)

List of Capital Market Professionals

Total 12 results.
#NameCertificate Registration No.LicenseLast Annual Payment Date
1LARA, CHRISTINA INOVEJAS02-2016-12476Associated Person2018-11-26
2CHAN, CAROLYN GO02-2011-06169Compliance Officer2018-11-26
3CHUA, MICHAEL SY02-2009-03318Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
4CO, MARCO RONALD GO02-2010-04378Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
5DELFINO, MICHAEL JOSEPH MANGUERRA02-2009-03648Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
6ESPIRITU, MARK ANGELO ZEPEDA02-2009-03309Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
7GALANG, MARY ELIZABETH MENDOZA02-2010-04412Fixed Income Market Salesman2017-11-24
8JAVILLONAR, EMIR FRANCIS DE CASTRO02-2009-03658Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
9LEE, MARIA MARGARITA ANTOINETTE CASTILLO02-2009-03712Fixed Income Market Salesman2017-11-24
10SISON, MARIA LOURDES PINEDA02-2012-06493Fixed Income Market SalesmanNEW
11TAN, JINKY SUZARA LEE02-2009-03315Fixed Income Market Salesman2018-11-26
12TY, KRIZANNE CLAUDINE ONG02-2012-06499Fixed Income Market SalesmanNEW